Mentoring Services

Bookyana are proud to announce the development of the Mentoring / Out-reach program

Our primary focus is traditional 1:1 support for Aboriginal people of all ages living across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Bookyana’s aim for the Mentoring program is to enrich the lives of our participants by;

  • Providing a safe space in which Mentees can reflect introspectively without fear of judgment 
  • Actively listening and engaging with clients in a culturally appropriate way 
  • Giving accurate feedback rather than  advice
  • Encouraging relationship built on trust and values
  • Providing access to various activities, programs and events 

Bookyana are able to provide Mentoring to participants who reside in various accommodation settings such as; Out of Home Care, Kinship placements, Therapeutic Foster care placements, the education sector and other Emergency care services. 

Our workers engage holistically with participants to determine their needs, goals and desired outcomes. We involve participants from referral phase, onto the planning stage where views, skills and interests are considered. We then move onto peer matching our clients  with one of our trained Mentors and finally prior to services commencing we hold a ‘meet and greet’ where clients get to know your Mentor prior to services commencing.

Activities and Programs that strengthen social and emotional well-being:

  • Access to resources that address identity, culture, grief, loss, and future direction
  • Supporting participants to access the community to attend personal development courses, join a social group 
  • Taking an outing or a holiday 
  • Local library trips, seeing a movie or a concert, or joining a sporting club/gym.
  • Improving independent living skills and developing positive connections with communities
  • Fostering individual talents and interests
  • Strengthening Identity and Culture
  • Cultural activities and events
  • Traditional cooking and hunting
  • Trails / bush walks
  • Transport to and from institute i.e., from school/Tafe to Mentoring session

Connection to Culture, Community and Country are the heart of Bookyana’s values and we are constantly striving to achieve these values for our Aboriginal participants to ensure that our community was and always will be culturally safe.