Support Independent Living (SIL)

Bookyana Cultural & Community Services have supported independent living (SIL) options and housing for adults and children with complex disabilities under the NDIS. Bookyana also work with adults and children who may also be involved in the forensic and criminal justice system. 

Bookyana works with adults and children, along with families, carers, support coordinators to assist with the best possible living arrangements. Bookyana also develop support plans to help our participants to live as independently as possible while also maintaining a culturally appropriate environment. Bookyana’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) Roster of Care is built around our participants individual and shared needs and can include different types of care such as 24/7 supports with active and passive overnight care. 

SIL services also ensure that our clients with complex support requirements and conditions are included in their local community, participating in activities of their choice while receiving the highest quality of care.

We also offer tenancy support to people who choose to live in shared housing, with several options available for board arrangements. For example, a board and lodging fee paid fortnightly covers the cost of rent, food, utilities and shared furniture.